Eastlake OH Automotive Paint Chipping / Cracking

Friedman Automotive Services in Eastlake specializes in the treatment of "paint cracking" on vehicles. Paint cracking normally occurs when a vehicle is between 3 to 6 years old and is most frequently located on the upper panels of a vehicle that are subjected to the most sun exposure. The paint is broken down by the UV rays of the sun. The process of paint cracking begins slowly but once set in motion it can move quickly throughout the surface of the vehicle.

The process of paint cracking begins with what is called "microchecking", a microscopic break in the paint's surface. Often times microchecking can be mistaken for a much less serious of paint fading. If the cracks in the paint are not treated to prevent them from spreading which may result in the metal below to pit or rust. The area affected by paint cracking must be stripped to the bare metal prior to the vehicle being painted.